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Good Vibes Booth is a South Jersey based family photo booth company. We want your wedding to be AWESOME, and your guests to look amazing! Let’s chat some more! Contact us at



What makes your booth different from others? 

The main difference is that it’s an open air booth, which means you can fit in up to 10-20 people if not more! Another big difference is the quality of the photos, we use a professional DSLR camera and studio lighting, which means your guests will look amazing, and the digital files can be printed up to 8×10 after the event if you want!

Does the booth come with an attendant? 

It sure does! Brian, will be at your service to help direct people on how to use the booth, print their photos and make them laugh! He is a pretty cool dude!

Do we get the digital copies of all the photos? 

Absolutely! All your photos will be uploaded to an online gallery by the next day! You can share this link with guests!

What kind of backdrop comes with the booth?

We have a growing collection on fun backdrops that you can pick from! If you want something super unique let us know, we make custom backdrops too!

Do you offer a guestbook/scrapbook?

We think those are pretty lame. #sorrynotsorry , This booth is definitely for the modern couple, who wants to be able to share instantly on facebook and instagram.

Does your booth include video?

Heck yeah!! Your guests will be able to select if they want to take photos or record a video for you. They can also make an animated gif …. which is pretty amazing.

How quickly do the prints come out?

Seconds! You wont have to wait longer than 30 seconds to get your print!

How big is the open air booth?

The beauty of this booth is that it can be customized to fit where it needs to. Typically a 8×8 space is what we request ( so that you can fit those big groups in it) but we are happy to work with smaller spaces so that you can use this rad booth.

Do you do more than one event in a day? 

Nope, as of right now we are a small family photobooth company. We only take on 1 event a day since Brian is the main photobooth operator. Brian hasn’t figured out how to clone himself yet, but once he does we will add on multiple days and booths!

How much does it cost? 

The booth rental starts at $1000 depending on what you need. Every package includes unlimited event prints, props, backdrop,USB of the digital files and a Photo Booth attendant!

Still have questions? No worries! Shoot us an email at